April 17, 2023 2 min read

The top 10 ideas to for using your wet bag: A blog around creative ways to reuse wet bags.

Lil Savvy's Wet bag's are reusable bags that can hold at least 5 modern cloth nappies making it super convenient for busy parents. They are made from a high quality polyester with a water resistant lining, making each bag exceptionally durable. Wet Bags for Swimming, Nappy Bags and more! - A blog about the uses of these reusable bags. You can use them for different purposes.


  1. Lil Savvy's wet bags are a great substitute for regular plastic bags.
  2. These wet bags are easy to wash and dry.
  3. A wet bag makes travelling with your cloth nappies/wipes from home to your location so convenient
  4. Each household should own several of these handy bags.
  5. The standard size wet bags are sized to hold four to 6 modern cloth nappies.
  6. These make the best swimming bags, our large bags fit a large beach towel and swimmers.
  7. Wet bags are the perfect travelling companion, keep things separated
  8. Handy for sunscreen, repellent bags, medication bags, anything really
  9. Perfect out and about for your reusable sanitary items
  10. These make the perfect breastfeeding bags, store all your reusable breast pads and breastfeeding items.

Wet Bags are a necessity for any family. They are not only a great way to store dirty nappies but also to store swimwear, dirty bibs, wet towels and many other things. 

We hope you enjoyed our post about Lil Savvy's Wet bags. At Lil Savvy, we’re all about helping busy parents get back to the things that matter in life. With Lil Savvy, you get the convenience of wet bags that are reusable. We hope that you can use our wet bags to help you get back to what you love. If you have any other questions about wet bags or Lil Savvy, feel free to reach out to us anytime at lilsavvybags@bigpond.com.