Wet Bag 30 x 40 cm - Pink & Bees

Wet Bag Standard 30 x 40 cm

Take your wet or soiled items with you without having to use plastic bags. Instead, you can use these reusable wet bags that are washable and can be reused over and over.

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This size bag is perfect to use for reusable nappies and kids swimming bags.

  • Can hold about 6-7 reusable nappies.
  • Can fit a child’s towel, swimmers, swimming cap and goggles.

 These wet bags have so many uses: 

  • Great for Clean or dirty nappies and wipes in your nappy bag or pram.
  • Nappy and Wipes Bag.
  • Dry or wet swimmers.
  • Spare clothes bags.
  • Day care soiled/clean clothes bag.
  • Beach/pool Days/swimming lessons.
  • Travelling/camping bags.
  • Period Undie Bags – see our mini bags.


Waterproof PUL fabric with a clip handle so you can clip onto a pram or anywhere.


  • If putting in wet swimmers/clothes make sure you wring the swimmers before putting in the wet bag.
  • Cold hand wash or delicate machine washable only.
  • Please do not use harsh washing detergent or fabric softener or bleach.