Wet Bag 30 x 40cm - Blue Rockets

Wet Bag - Single Zip Pocket -  30x40cm

Both single and double bags can hold a beach towel, swimmers, cap and googles. The double bags have an extra pocket in the front for anything.

Bags can hold 5-7 reusable nappies.

This size bag can hold one towel, swimmers and goggles

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Kids large zip wet bag for cloth nappies/diapers, wet swimmers and togs, spare clothes, travel bags.

 These bags have so many uses: 

  • Great for Clean or dirty nappies and wipes
  • Dry or wet swimmers
  • Spare clothes bags
  • Toiletries / make up / plane bag
  • Day care change of clothes bag
  • Day care wet clothes bag
  • Travelling bags to have handy so you don’t have to unpack suitcase on a night stop somewhere to your destination


Waterproof PUL fabric with a clip handle so you can clip onto a pram or anywhere.


  • If putting in wet swimmers/clothes make sure you wring the swimmers before putting in the wet bag.
  • Please do not put bag in dryer, cold hand wash or delicate machine washable in cold water.
  • Please do not use harsh washing detergent or fabric softener