Wet Bag Mini 18 x 25cm - Dusty Pink

Wet Bag Mini - 18x25cm

These mini wet bags are great to have inside your nappy bag or kids daycare bags. 

These will fit one nappy and a small packet of wipes.

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 These bags have so many uses: 

  • Great for quick trips where you only need one nappy and some wipes.
  • Dry or wet undies. 
  • Babies wet/soiled clothes.
  • Toiletries / make up / plane bag.
  • Toilet Training for soiled undies out and about.
  • To put your phone and wallet in at the beach to stop the sand.
  • Perfect Period undie bag.


Waterproof PUL fabric with a clip handle so you can clip onto a pram, bag or bike.


  • If putting in wet swimmers/clothes make sure you wring the swimmers before putting in the wet bag.
  • Cold hand wash or delicate machine washable only.
  • Please do not use harsh washing detergent or fabric softener or bleach.