Breastfeeding Nursing Balm - 25gm

Breastfeeding Nursing Balm by The Physic Garden - 25gm


  • Nursing Balm combines natural oils and herbs including Calendula, Lavender & Blessed Thistle, traditionally used by breastfeeding mums to moisturise dry, cracked nipples.
  • Ideal for Mum and Baby, with gentle, all natural ingredients.
  • Ideal for use to moisturise breasts during third trimester, and to continue use whilst breast-feeding.
  • Natural Ingredients and plastic free packaging
  • Free From Petroleum Jelly, Paraffins, Alcohol & Beeswax
  • Naturopathically Formulated
  • Contains Calendula, Lavender & Blessed Thistle
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia
  • Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free (tested on humans, not animals)